Methamphetamine Training Needs Analysis

August 2015

NCETA Staff:

Professor Ann Roche

Associate Professor Nicole Lee

Allan Trifonoff

Dr Alice McEntee

Victoria Kostadinov

Vinita Duraisingam

Project description: 

NCETA is conducting a workforce development needs assessment to: 

  • Explore the views and experiences of AOD workers about the challenges of working with methamphetamine clients
  • Gauge the professional development needs of AOD workers in identifying and responding to methamphetamine-related issues
  • Identify appropriate professional development support strategies to enhance the skills of AOD workers in responding to methamphetamine users. 

The project is being undertaken in collaboration with each of the state and territory peak AOD non-government organisation bodies. 

Workers’ views and experiences of dealing with methamphetamine-related issues in AOD service settings were sought via a recently completed online survey. NCETA is currently analysing the responses to the survey. The results will be used to identify and improve the provision of professional development support strategies for AOD workers about the effects of methamphetamine, and working with methamphetamine clients.