Evaluation of an Alcohol and Drug First Aid Training Program for Workplaces and Communities

August 2015

NCETA Staff:

Professor Ann Roche

Dr Alice McEntee

Victoria Kostadinov

Project description: 

Lyndon Community delivers two alcohol and drug first aid training workshops in New South Wales. One workshop is targeted at community members and the second is targeted at workplaces. Each workshop has a slightly different focus and delivery mode. 

Lyndon Community commissioned the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction to evaluate these two workshops. The purpose of the evaluation is to identify the impact of the workshops on attendees’ knowledge, attitudes, and skills. The evaluation will comprise three surveys: 

  • Pre-workshop survey (to establish baseline knowledge, attitudes and skills)
  • Post-workshop survey (to determine changes after workshop completion)
  • 3 month follow-up survey (to gauge long-term effects of the workshop). 

The findings of the evaluation will be published.