Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) Training

August 2015

NCETA: Professor Ann Roche & Allan Trifonoff

Project description: 

The AOD sector has long been aware of the association between AOD issues and FDV. It is nevertheless a challenging issue for many workers and organisations to address despite the evidence suggesting that a high proportion of AOD clients may have experienced FDV. NCETA, in collaboration with Odyssey House Victoria, FDV service providers and Family Drug Support previously developed a series of innovative resources for AOD, FDV and child and family workers and families experiencing FDV. The resources provide practical strategies and guidance to address FDV and enhance the interrelationship between the AOD, FDV, child and family and child protection sectors: 

Breaking the Silence Cover Image Breaking the Silence: Addressing family and domestic violence problems in alcohol and other drug treatment practice in Australia – is a literature review examining the relationships between AOD use and FDV in the context of AOD treatment settings
Can I Ask cover Can I Ask…? An alcohol and other drug clinician’s guide to addressing family and domestic violence – is a practical guide to assist AOD workers and organisations address and implement FDV policy, practice and procedures within their services
Walking a Tightrope cover Walking a Tightrope – is a comprehensive resource for people who have a family member who uses both AOD and violence in their relationships

Utilising these resources, NCETA is working with the AOD peak bodies (e.g., NADA and SANDAS) and other stakeholders to develop a series of training workshops for frontline workers. The aims of the training workshops are to: 

  1. Raise awareness of the relationship between AOD use and FDV within the context of AOD treatment settings
  2. Assist workers to identify and respond to FDV
  3. Provide workers with strategies to further implement the Can I Ask…? resource into practice
  4. Promote greater awareness of the interrelationships between the AOD, FDV, child and family and child protection sectors.

Visit the NCETA website for more information about NCETA's research in relation to AOD and FDV and child and family senstive practice.