Tobacco cessation and cancer screening in culturally and linguistically diverse communities

May 2022

NCETA Staff: Dr Alice McEntee and Professor Jacqueline Bowden


Other Collaborators: 

Flinders University: Prof Billie Bonevski, Prof James Smith, Emeritus Prof Carlene Wilson, Dr Joshua Trigg, Dr Kate Fairweather, Ms Sonia Hines.

University of Newcastle: Dr Ashleigh Guillaumier.

Project description: 

People from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Australia have been found to have higher smoking prevalence rates and poorer adherence to breast, bowel and cervical cancer screening guidelines. The Sax Institute have commissioned the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) to undertake a rapid review of the evidence to identify:

  1. What smoking cessation interventions have been proven effective in reducing or preventing smoking among culturally and linguistically diverse communities?
  2. What screening interventions have proven effective in increasing participation in population cancer screening programs among culturally and linguistically diverse populations?

The review will focus on interventions targeting Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic speaking groups who immigrated to countries including Australia, UK, US and New Zealand. The cancer types of interest to the review are breast, bowel and cervical cancer. The outcome of the review will be utilized by Cancer Council NSW to inform the development of interventions to reduce tobacco use and improve cancer screening results among the targeted CALD groups in New South Wales. 

Further information

A full report will also be published on the Sax Institute’s website in the coming months.