Review of approaches taken in Ireland and in other jurisdictions to simple possession drug offences

August 2018

NDARC staff:
Dr Caitlin Hughes
Shann Hulme

Other Collaborators: 

Professor Alex Stevens, University of Kent, UK
Dr Rebecca Cassidy, University of Kent, UK

Project description: 

This project will provide an international literature review of the approaches taken in Ireland and other jurisdictions to simple possession drug offences. The goals are threefold: first to outline the current legislative regime that applies to simple possession offences in Ireland and the rationale underpinning this approach, and any evidence of its effectiveness; second, to outline approaches and experiences in nine jurisdictions (including Australia, Portugal and the Czech Republic) to dealing with simple possession offences; and third, to review the evidence-base on the effectiveness of alternate approaches for dealing with the offence of simple possession on the individual, the family and society, as well as for the criminal justice system and the health system.

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