The Primary Care Project

July 2014

Professor Ann Roche, Roger Nicholas

Other investigators: 

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft, Professor Maree Teeson, NDARC


Other Collaborators: 

Department of General Practice, Flinders University

Project description: 

NCETA is collaborating with Anthony Shakeshaft and Maree Teesson from NDARC  on a project to enhance General Practitioners’ alcohol brief intervention responses. The project is part of a wider international collaboration with researchers in the UK who are undertaking a multi-site trial of innovative ways to use online and web based technology to enhance early and brief intervention in the primary care setting. A multi-site Australia study is being developed to extend the work of overseas colleagues. These studies posit that as risky drinkers are more prevalent than dependent drinkers the greatest impact on alcohol-related problems may be made by identifying and intervening with risky drinkers, before they are aware of any problems or seek help. Similar to the UK study, the project will:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of different ways of identifying and intervening risky drinkers through routine screening, and different forms of brief advice to help them cut back using novel IT approaches
  • Assess the feasibility of implementing such procedures in typical practice settings.