Outcomes Framework for Family and Friends Concerned About a Loved One’s Use of Alcohol and/or Other Drugs

November 2021

Dr Jane Fischer Dr Natalie Skinner, Vinita Duraisingam 

Project description: 

Services are often limited for family & friends concerned about a loved ones’ AOD use. Concomitantly stigma is a barrier to seeking information and support. To improve service access and support for family and friends, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) has commissioned the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) to facilitate the development of an Family and Friends Outcomes Framework. The outcomes framework will be evidence-based and stakeholder informed. It will be: guided by a comprehensive review of the existing evidence; and designed to be meaningful and relevant to AOD services, stakeholders and family & friends. More broadly, the Outcomes Framework is intended to offer the AOD sector with a common set of metrics for identifying, tracking and assessing the quality and success of services delivered to family and friends. Your involvement is sought! In the coming weeks a Consultation Paper will be released, inviting feedback. The paper will be available late November from the NCETA website: nceta.flinders.edu.au; or alternatively via email: ncetaconsultation@flinders.edu.au.