Development of an online portal of drug education resources for school communities

April 2014

NDARC: Dr Lexine Stapinski, Dr Nicola Newton, Daniel Rodriguez & Prof. Maree Teesson.

Other investigators: 

NDRI: Dr Nyanda McBride & Prof Steve Allsop.

Project description: 

Providing young people with accurate, up-to-date information and support is the best way to prevent the harms associated with drug and alcohol use. The Department of Health have identified the need for an online portal to help school communities access evidence-based information and drug prevention programs.  With input from teachers, parents and students across Australia we are compiling drug education resources that are engaging, interactive, and proven to improve student wellbeing.  

Literature reviews, user reviews and expert consultation will be conducted to source and screen drug education resources including: factsheets, videos, interactive games and apps, and evidence-based prevention programs. Additional educational resources will be developed including teacher and parent guides and training webinars. Content and web development will be evaluated with the target user groups (teachers, parents and students), and revised in response to feedback to ensure the portal is relevant, engaging, user friendly and age appropriate.  

The online drug education portal is currently being developed and will be made available to schools communities by the end of 2014. 

For more about this project: Go to NDARC's website.