Supporting the supply chain and transport industries to address AOD-related issues

October 2019

NCETA’s Allan Trifonoff and Tania Steenson were invited to conduct a workshop on identifying and responding to workers’ AOD use at the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) Supply Chain Safety Summit in Sydney on 16-17 September 2019.

The focus of the Summit was to share safety learnings and practical solutions to address fatigue, mental health and contractor management. Attendees at the Summit included representatives from the road and rail transport industry and retailers and companies such as Woolworths, Origin Energy and BlueScope Steel.

NCETA’s workshop highlighted the relationship between workplace safety and productivity and AOD use while emphasising examples of strategies that organisations can implement to respond effectively to workplace AOD-related issues.

Drawing on its extensive workplace research program and in particular, secondary data analyses and systematic reviews, NCETA provided attendees with information about:

  • The patterns and prevalence of AOD use among Australian workforces
  • The industries and populations most at-risk from AOD misuse
  • Workplace factors that contribute to AOD misuse
  • How workplaces can effectively respond to AOD-related health and safety risks
  • The role and effectiveness of drug testing as a workplace response.

At the end of the workshop, attendees were provided with copies of the following NCETA research outputs and resources to assist them to develop and implement tailored responses.