South Australian Government Establishes Ice Task Force

March 2017

Professor Ann Roche has been invited by the South Australian Government to assist the work of the newly established South Australian Ice Taskforce. The primary aim of the Taskforce is to develop policies and responses aimed at reducing the impact of crystal methamphetamine use in South Australia. Led by the Minister for Police, the Taskforce also comprises the Minister for Substance Abuse and senior personnel from Drug and Alcohol Services SA and South Australia Police.

The Taskforce is conducting a series of community engagement sessions with small groups of frontline workers, services, families and individuals to find out what works and what new ideas might be available and applicable. The work of the Taskforce is being informed by the South Australian Alcohol and Other Drugs 2017-2022 and the National Ice Action Strategy.

The South Australian Government has commissioned Professor Ann Roche to:

  1. Facilitate the community engagement sessions which are being conducted in Adelaide metropolitan and regional South Australian areas
  2. Present information about crystal methamphetamine; patterns and prevalence and effects; treatment options; and response strategies.
  3. Provide expert advice to the Taskforce’s deliberations.

The South Australian Government providing opportunities for members of the public to contribute to the Taskforce though its YourSAy website, which also features NCETA’s factsheet on Methamphetamine use In Australia as a key background document.