NCPIC publishes how to quit cannabis guide

February 2015

Congratulation to Professor Jan Copeland Director of the National  Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre and colleagues Sally Rooke and Etty Matalon whose book QUIT CANNABIS was published in January 2015 by Allen and Unwin.

QUIT CANNABIS looks at the evidence on the mental and physical health risks of using cannabis as well as practical, step-by-step information on building motivation, coping with withdrawal symptoms and quitting marijuana combined with clinical and research experience of the authors.  It cuts through the folklore surrounding marijuana to reveal the truth about its impact on health and how to quit for good.

It reviews science-based treatments for cannabis problems and provide practical tools for users who want to quit.

Read a description of the book here.

Citation: Jan Copeland, Sally Rooke and Etty Matalon (2015). QUIT CANNABIS. Allen and Unwin.