NCETA’s online training for frontline workers updated – New Topic added

March 2017

Almost 9,000 people have enrolled in NCETA’s free online Ice: Training for Frontline Workers since its launch in January 2016. The resource has been updated to include a new Topic in Module 5.

Topic 5.9 - Working in potentially risky environments. This Topic provides practical advice and guidance to workers and organisations to identify and manage risks when delivering services in clients' homes and in isolated environments.

It is particularly relevant for workers who provide health, welfare, criminal justice and other services to people with crystal methamphetamine-related issues in potentially risky environments and situations such as:

  • A client's home (e.g., private homes, rooming or boarding houses, supported accommodation, residential services, crisis accommodation or community residential units).
  • Community settings, away from office or clinic environments (e.g., in regional, rural and remote areas with limited immediate support/backup).When accompanying clients to appointments after normal work hours.

The inclusion of this Topics is brings the total number of Topics to 29 across 7 Modules and more Topics will be added during the year.

Ice: Training for Frontline Workers is freely available to all frontline workers, supervisors and managers working in a broad range of sectors. It is accessible from: