Informing market research evaluation of graphic health warnings

December 2017

Professor Ann Roche was invited by the Australian Government Department of Health’s Tobacco Control Branch to inform the development of a market research evaluation of graphic health warnings on tobacco packaging. The evaluation will involve a comprehensive literature review and qualitative and quantitative research targeting different population groups. It will assess the effectiveness of current health warnings on a range of tobacco products and the findings will be used to develop strategies to improve the effectiveness of those health warnings.

Specifically, Professor Roche was asked to provide expert input on the development of a framework to help guide the evaluation process and to ensure that the appropriate outcomes are being measured.

Professor Roche’s input to the evaluation framework builds upon NCETA’s extensive program evaluation experience and expertise. For an example of NCETA’s evaluation expertise, please see this edition’s publication highlight on the Centre’s evaluation of Lyndon Community’s Drug and Alcohol First Aid workshop.