Informing AOD prevention policy and practice in Taiwan

October 2019

Following the highly successful visit to NCETA in December 2018 by a delegation of representatives from the Taiwanese Addiction Society and the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, Professor Ann Roche was invited to present on NCETA’s research program at the International Symposium of Adolescent Substance Abuse and Prevention in Taiwan.

The Symposium, held on 8-9 October 2019 provided Taiwanese AOD professionals with an opportunity hear from local and international speakers covering different strategies and approaches to responding to AOD use among young people in Taiwan, Australia, Japan and the United States.

Professor Roche’s presentation:

  1. Focussed on the patterns and prevalence of AOD use among young Australians, with attention directed to changing trends in use
  2. Described drivers of drug use as well as risk and protective factors and their implications for practice
  3. Outlined various Australian prevention and intervention approaches that are evidence-based and / or based on best practice
  4. Illustrated the role for schools, parents, community and the workplace in prevention and intervention
  5. Highlighted the importance of effective prevention and intervention AOD strategies in adolescence given their ongoing brain development and maturation processes that occurs throughout this period of their life.

As a result of the Symposium, NCETA and the Taiwanese Addiction Society will continue to explore opportunities for ongoing research collaboration and engagement.