Community Ice Forums

June 2016

NCETA staff have presented at several South Australian forums organised to address community concerns about crystal methamphetamine. The forums were conducted in a variety of metropolitan locations including the Adelaide Hills and the South Coast.

The forums were organised by local members of Parliament, South Australia Police, and the South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (SANDAS). NCETA staff presented information on:

  • The impacts of methamphetamine use, patterns and trends of use
  • How people may become dependent on using methamphetamine
  • Australia’s harm minimisation, treatment, and rehabilitation approaches.

NCETA staff value these opportunities to connect and engage with community leaders and local communities and see the forums as an opportunity to help link community members to mental health and alcohol and other drug treatment and support services.

Such forums also act as important conduits whereby evidence-based practice and knowledge are disseminated to people who may be involved in highly emotive and stressful situations and do not know where to turn for information and/or assistance.