October 2015
Dr Susan Carruthers recently retired from NDRI after a 30-year contribution to the alcohol and other drugs field.
June 2015
A recent project conducted through NDARC developed a best practice guide to assist primary care health professionals to identify, support and treat pr
April 2015
The Young Australians’ Alcohol Reporting System (YAARS) aims to provide timely information on patterns of youth alcohol use and related problems.
February 2015
NCETA are investigating prescribed opioid use resulting from compensable work-related injuries in South Australia.
November 2014
In 2001, NDARC researchers interviewed 615 heroin users about their lives. Eleven years on, they repeated the process.
September 2014
Reliable estimates of per capita alcohol consumption, based on alcohol sales data collections, are essential for informing and evaluating alcohol poli
July 2014
Research has demonstrated that workplaces both contribute to and are impacted by employees' alcohol and other drug use.
April 2014
Prevention is better than a cure, but few school-based prevention programs are shown to be effective in reducing harmful drug use among adolescents.