Organisational responses to crystal methamphetamine

September 2016
Roche, A., Nicholas, R., & Trifonoff, A. (2016). Organisational Responses to Crystal Methamphetamine – Ice: Training for Frontline Workers: Module 7. Adelaide: National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction, Flinders University.

As part of its online crystal methamphetamine training, NCETA has written a module which focuses on organisational and service system responses.

Providing services to people with crystal methamphetamine-related issues may require organisations/agencies to adapt their services and operations to meet the specific needs of this group. This may include changing the features of the physical environment, service orientation and treatment approaches, and the level and type of support they provide to their workforce.

This training resource also provides information about how organisations can introduce or enhance a range of measures to protect, support and develop their workforces while ensuring quality service provision to people using crystal methamphetamine.

Practical evidence-based advice is provided on:

  • A range of organisational change, systems redesign, and workforce development strategies to enhance services for people affected by crystal methamphetamine
  • Stress, compassion fatigue and burnout in workers
  • Organisational strategies to enhance worker wellbeing and provide workplace support.

To access Module 7: Go to website