Western Australia workforce development needs assessment project

October 2016

NCETA: Ann Roche, Roger Nicholas

Other Collaborators: 

Jill Rundle, Western Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Agencies (WANADA)
Maree Stallard (WANADA)
Vanessa Vidler (WANADA)

Project description: 

NCETA is working with WANADA to identify ways to enhance opportunities to develop the Western Australian workforces that have a role in responding to AOD issues. This is occurring against a backdrop of a number of key developments in Western Australia and nationally. These include:

  • The formation of the Western Australian Mental Health Commission
  • The development of Better Choices. Better Lives: The Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and other Drug Services Plan 2015–2025
  • The development of the National Alcohol and other Drug Workforce Development Strategy 2015-2018
  • Increasing recognition of the need for a broad approach to workforce development which incorporates systems, organisational and individual factors.

In undertaking his project, NCETA and WANADA will collaboratively: 

  1. Conduct a wide-ranging consultation process to help develop a comprehensive understanding of the extent and nature of AOD-related workforce development activities currently being undertaken in Western Australia
  2. Map this understanding against the Outcome Areas and Potential Actions contained in the National Alcohol and other Drug Workforce Development Strategy 2015-2018
  3. Identify areas where Western Australian approaches are consistent with the National Strategy and where gaps exist (taking into account jurisdictional differences)
  4. Identify potential areas for enhancing AOD-related workforce development activities in Western Australia
  5. Identify approaches that could be used to bring about enhancements
  6. Identify potential measures to determine the extent to which those approaches have been successful.

NCETA and WANADA will prepare a report outlining the findings from the project. The findings will provide an important insight into the strengths and challenges of current approaches to workforce development and will be used as a foundation to identify new approaches to enhancing AOD workforce development in Western Australia.