Understanding the workforce development needs of the AOD sector

April 2019


Project description: 

The past few decades have seen substantial changes in the AOD sector that have major implications for the development of a responsive, effective, and sustainable AOD workforce.

The AOD workforce plays a crucial role in our health system, and our broader society, by providing essential services to people experiencing vulnerability, trauma and other difficulties related to AOD use. High quality evidence-based workforce development policy and practice to develop and support this workforce will ensure these critical services are effective and sustainable.

NCETA will be conducting an online national AOD workforce survey in 2019 to collect reliable and valid nationally representative data on the AOD workforce in the government, non-government and private sectors, to inform national, state and organisational policy and practice to ensure a sustainable and effective AOD workforce.

In developing the online survey, NCETA is consulting with key stakeholders to ensure that the survey meets the needs of the sector. Once it is finalised the survey will be disseminated widely (including eg, via the Connections Newsletter) to the AOD workforce.