Social Work Students’ Attitudes about Alcohol and Drug Use and Misuse

February 2016

NCETA: Dr Jane Fischer, Professor Ann Roche

Other investigators: 

Dr Helen Fraser, School of Social Work and Policy, Flinders University

Project description: 

NCETA is undertaking a study to explore social work students’ attitudes towards; and their knowledge, skills and capabilities for working with clients who may present with AOD and/or gambling problems. It aims to better understand the different education and training needs of undergraduate and master social work students in this area. The findings of the study will also help improve future education and training to both social work students and to social workers more generally regarding alcohol, illicit drugs and gambling. 

The study will involve a pre and post survey. Students will be asked questions about their attitudes, knowledge, skills and capabilities in relation to AOD and gambling prior to starting their topic. A follow up survey will also be distributed after they have finished the topic. The study is a collaboration between the School of Social Work and Policy, Flinders University and the National Centre for Education and Training (NCETA), Flinders University.