Shell Aviation Australia – Workplace AOD Program

October 2016

NCETA: Ann Roche, Ken Pidd, Allan Trifonoff, Victoria Kostadinov

Project description: 

NCETA is building on its successful workplace program of work undertaken in late 2015 – early 2016 with Shell Aviation Australia (SAA) which involved an alcohol and drug risk assessment and gap analysis of SAA’s existing AOD policies, procedures and practices.

The risk assessment and gap analysis identified that there was a high level compliance with the organisation’s drug and alcohol policy and procedures. A number of areas for improvement were also identified and NCETA made a number of recommendations to assist SAA to address the identified gaps.

NCETA, in conjunction with key SAA personnel, is now using the findings from the risk assessment/gap analysis to assist SAA develop and implement a workplace strategy to manage and minimise AOD-related risk to safety, productivity, and worker wellbeing.

The key components of NCETA’s workplace program include:

  1. Conducting a staff awareness workshop with middle line managers in SAA to discuss the findings of the risk assessment/gap analysis,ways forward, and potential education/training strategies and content
  2. Developing an employee awareness program and implementation strategy
  3. Developing a supervisor/employee training program and implementation strategy
  4. The production of training materials (e.g. trainer guide, trainer notes, PowerPoint slides, trainee handouts, and trainee workbooks)
  5. Conducting a train-the-trainer workshop with SAA trainers to assist them to deliver the employee awareness program and supervisor/employee training
  6. The production of a response process/implementation evaluation report.