Reducing stigma and discrimination for people who use alcohol and other drugs

October 2016

NDARC: Professor Alison Ritter and Ms Kari Lancaster

Project description: 

This project, commissioned by the Queensland Mental Health Commission, aims to identify effective ways of reducing stigma and discrimination which has a negative impact on the mental health and wellbeing of Queenslanders experiencing problematic alcohol and other drug use. Specifically the research will examine:

  • How stigma and discrimination presents and manifests, including where it is not experienced;
  • The settings and sectors in which stigma and discrimination occurs;
  • The impacts of stigma and discrimination on mental health and wellbeing and in particular on recovery and the ability to reconnect with the community;
  • The commonalities and differences across varying types of drug use (for example alcohol vs illicit drug use);
  • The commonalities and differences experienced by different groups who experience problematic alcohol and other drug use; and
  • The evidence of what works to address stigma and discrimination.

The project is underway with a final report due to the Queensland Mental Health Commission in early 2017. For full details, go to the project page.