New, young & injured: Antecedents, correlates and consequences of work-related injury amongst young adult new workers

October 2015

NCETA: Professor Ann Roche, Dr Ken Pidd, Dr Jane Fischer, Dr Alice McEntee, Roger Nicholas

Project description: 

Young entrants to the workforce are at increased risk of experiencing a work-related injury. Canadian research suggests that elevated risk of occupational injury is due to young people’s level of physical and emotional development, as well as their inexperience with workplace procedures, compounded by a lack of confidence to raise concerns with their employer. However, the magnitude of Australian young worker work-related injuries and subsequent lost productivity however has not been well described.

This project will analyse SafeWork SA data to examine the antecedents, correlates and consequences of work-related injury amongst employees aged between 15 and 24 years and who have been employed in an occupation for less than 12 months when an injury occurred. The study aims to improve occupational health and safety in South Australia for young adults during this critical period.