Mature age, mature injuries? Ageing workers and work-related injuries

October 2015

NCETA: Professor Ann Roche, Dr Ken Pidd, Dr Jane Fischer, Dr Alice McEntee, Roger Nicholas

Project description: 

Australia’s population is ageing at an unprecedented rate. In response to the fiscal and labour market implications of population ageing, both the Commonwealth and South Australian Governments have implemented strategies and plans to maintain older workers in the labour force. Although older workers are a valuable asset to any workplace, ageing does bring about a number of (negative and positive) changes in physiological and cognitive abilities.

Older workers may be particularly at risk from some injuries in some occupations, but protective against such in other occupations. To enable older workers to be retained in the workforce, and subsequently for maintaining a healthy labour force, it is important to better understand the antecedents, correlates and consequences of work-related injuries among older workers.

To-date little work has been conducted on work-related injuries experienced by older workers (aged 55+ years). This research aims to address this knowledge gap and identify, describe and compare work-related injuries experienced by older workers.