Global Addiction Academy Project (GAaP)

April 2015
Project description: 

Through its membership of the GAaP, NCETA continues to work with its international partners to develop and implement the following initiatives:

  • An international AOD workforce development project – the literature review and discussion paper prepared by NCETA during the development of Australia’s National Workforce Development Strategy are being used to inform this project and also New Zealand’s AOD workforce development initiatives.
  • An international Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Falling Down - Older People and Problematic Substance Use. In recognition of a growing awareness about changes in patterns of AOD use among older people and resultant levels of harm, NCETA is partnering with researchers from Middlesex University, UK (Lead Agency), Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Drexel University, US and Matua Raki, NZ to develop a MOOC for AOD workers. The MOOC will explore problematic AOD use among older people, promote awareness of the challenges of working with older people, and identify possible steps to meet those challenges including treatment options and examples of best practice.