Evaluation of an optimal service for users of methamphetamine

March 2018

Dr Robert Tait

Project description: 

This study aims to evaluate an evidence based approach to the design of a new treatment service for users of methamphetamine in Western Australia. Traditionally, services were designed for heroin or alcohol-using clients who have different treatment needs and problems to methamphetamine users. Holyoake will implement an intensive case management model including medical, peer and family support for methamphetamine users at one site (Northam) but will offer its standard service at other regional sites (Narrogin and Merredin). We will compare outcomes for the new and standard programs (target to recruit 75 per group) in terms of changes in substance use, mental health, wellbeing and social indicators (i.e. employment and housing status). Participants will be followed up by telephone at 4 weeks and 6 months and by record linkage at 12 months. We hypothesize that those receiving the intensive intervention will show greater improvement in key measures than the standard care group. We also plan telephone interviews with a close family member (e.g. partner, parent) to evaluate improved well-being for that person.