Evaluation of Hello Sunday Morning Daybreak mobile app

August 2018

Dr Robert Tait

Other Collaborators: 

Michael Schaub, University of Zurich

Project description: 

NDRI is collaborating with Hello Sunday Morning on a research trial to evaluate the Daybreak mobile app.

Hello Sunday Morning (https://www.hellosundaymorning.org/) is a participatory social moment that aims to help people to change their relationship with alcohol. It provides an online environment that allows people to share their experiences and support each other in changing behaviour via a ‘blog’ space. In addition to the supportive environment, there are more traditional resources to help participants develop new skills such as dealing with cravings and coping with setbacks. The National Drug Research Institute is currently collaborating on a research trial to evaluate the Daybreak app, which is the mobile enabled version of the approach.

As everyone entering the trial will have ‘at-risk’ patterns of alcohol use (as assessed with the alcohol use disorders identification test), all participants will receive an active intervention, so formally the study will test different versions of the Daybreak program. We will assess outcomes to six months and will included measures of both alcohol use and other key markers such as mental distress (K-10), quality of life (EUROHIS), sleep quality and adverse events associated with alcohol use.