Central Queensland, Wide Bay & Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network (OurPHN) – Mental health and AOD workforce development assessment

August 2017
Professor Ann Roche
Allan Trifonoff
Roger Nicholas
Other Collaborators: 

Peter Malouf, Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN

Project description: 

NCETA is continuing to expand its program of work with the Primary Health Networks (PHN) by providing them with tailored advice and support on workforce development, service planning and service delivery initiatives.

The Centre has been commissioned by OurPHN to:

  1. Undertake a mental health (MH) and AOD workforce development needs assessment

  2. Develop a workforce development strategic framework for the PHN and its three geographical areas (Central Queensland, Wide Bay, and Sunshine Coast)

  3. Recommend options to operationalise and implement the strategic framework to address issues identified in the needs assessment.

As part of this process, NCETA will identify the:

  • Range of workforce development issues impacting the MH and AOD workforces
  • Patterns and extent of MH and AOD problems in the PHN catchment areas
  • Patterns of service provision
  • Workforce demographics.

In undertaking this project, NCETA will pinpoint potential workforce development issues of relevance to the PHN’s three regional areas, consult with key MH and AOD stakeholders, and conduct an online submission process.

NCETA will use the findings from the consultations to develop a workforce development strategic framework for the PHN. The framework will highlight strengths and gaps in current approaches to workforce development across the PHN and in each of its three geographical areas and identify mechanisms for the PHN to enhance its MH and AOD workforce development initiatives.