Cardiovascular disease among recent fatalities involving methamphetamine

April 2016

Professor Shane Darke; Dr Sharlene Kaye

Other investigators: 

Professor Johan Duflou, University of Sydney

Project description: 

Given its extensive public health implications, methamphetamine morbidity and mortality is a high public health issue. From our earlier research on psychostimulants, conducted amongst both living and deceased users of these drugs, we know that one of the major harms of methamphetamine use is cardiovascular disease. Despite its clinical importance, this is an area that has been greatly under-researched. This study will examine the extent and severity of cardiac disease amongst recent cases of sudden or unnatural death involving methamphetamine that occurred in Australia between 2009-2015 using the National Coroners Information System. The study will also examine the characteristics, circumstances of death and the toxicology of cases.