Alcohol and other drug use in South Australia: Patterns, Prevalence and Correlates

September 2016

Ann Roche, Ken Pidd, Jane Fischer, Victoria Kostadinov

Project description: 

NCETA is undertaking a detailed examination of patterns of AOD use to inform South Australian Primary Health Networks’ (PHN) planning and programs. The project involves examination and synthesis of data from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey; National Minimum Dataset; Illicit Drug Reporting System/Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System; Australian Secondary Schools Alcohol and Drug Survey; Drug Use Monitoring in Australia; Drugs of Dependence Unit; Alcohol and Drug Information Service; Public Hospital Emergency Department Presentations; and Public Hospital Inpatient Separations.

 The project will:

  • Identify the patterns and prevalence of AOD use in the South Australian PHN regions
  • Assist the South Australian PHNs to develop and implement an evidence-based and needs-driven system of AOD service provision.

NCETA will:

  1.  Conduct a rapid review to examine the number of users in South Australia by principal drug of concern by geographical area, demographic characteristics and Indigenous status.
  2.  Identify the patterns/levels of use of specific drugs for at-risk population groups in South Australia by their location.
  3.  Examine South Australian-specific data to identify the number of AOD treatment episodes by principal drug of concern by age, gender and Indigenous status.

The outcomes of NCETA’s program of work will assist the PHNs to provide an evidence-based, needs-driven system of AOD services in South Australia.