Taiwanese delegation visits NCETA

December 2018

Building on NCETA’s international workforce development reputation and expertise, a delegation of representatives from the Taiwanese Addiction Society and the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and Welfare visited the Centre on 3 and 4 December 2018.

The visit stemmed from an interest by the Taiwanese Addiction Society and the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and Welfare in NCETA’s AOD workforce development and training research initiatives and research translation outcomes.

The delegates were welcomed to NCETA and Flinders University by Professor Ann Roche and the Manager of International Recruitment and Engagement in the College of Medicine and Public Health.

During their visit, the delegates were provided with:

  • Information about NCETA’s research program including ongoing and planned workforce development initiatives, research translation activities and workplace research program
  • An interactive presentation on the National Alcohol and Drug Knowledgebase and an overview of NCETA’s secondary data analyses
  • An overview, by A/Professor Mike McDonough, of the work of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine by
  • A summary, by Michael White, Executive Officer, SANDAS, of the training needs of non-government AOD workers and recent developments in Vocational Education and Training
  • An overview of current AOD training options in Australia including NCETA’s online Ice: Training for Frontline Workers and Adelaide University’s International Programme in Addiction Studies which is coordinated by Dr Femke Buisman-Pijlman.

The delegates also shared their experiences of recent developments in Taiwan, particularly in relation to emerging research on drug and alcohol addiction and the impact on Taiwanese society.

The highly successful visit also provided NCETA and the Taiwanese delegation with opportunities to explore future potential collaborative research engagement and information exchange.