SANDAS / NCETA Codeine Forum – February 2018

March 2018

In October, 2017, NCETA conducted a half-day workshop for key stakeholders including prescribers, pharmacists, researchers, frontline AOD workers and primary health care staff on the prevention and management of pharmaceutical opioid-related problems. The workshop also examined the implications of the up-scheduling of codeine-containing compound analgesics.

Following the success of that workshop, the South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (SANDAS) and NCETA subsequently conducted a half-day workshop on the impact of codeine re-scheduling.

The workshop, conducted on 8 February 2018 in NCETA’s training room, aimed to provide workers from non-government AOD treatment services and other related services an opportunity to come and hear from experts in the field about the:

  • Changes to the re-scheduling of codeine
  • Evidence regarding the effectiveness of codeine for the management of pain
  • Potential impacts on people who may be dependent on codeine

Approximately 25 people attended the workshop and they also discussed the impact of codeine re-scheduling on treatment services and shared examples of practical strategies to support clients experiencing problems with their codeine use.