SA pharmaceutical opioid stakeholder workshop

October 2017

NCETA has a long-standing interest in minimising the harms associated with pharmaceutical opioids including iatrogenic dependence, overdose and inappropriate use for persistent non-cancer pain. In addition, there is growing awareness of the potential side effects of long-term opioid use including endocrine and sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis and hyperalgesia.

In late October 2017, NCETA is conducting a half day workshop for approximately 30 key South Australian stakeholders to identify key issues regarding the prevention and management of pharmaceutical opioid-related problems.

The workshop will also target the implications of the forthcoming up-scheduling of codeine-containing compound analgesics on 1 February 2018 and particularly the management of codeine-dependent individuals who will no longer be able to obtain these medicines without a prescription.

The workshop will address the forthcoming introduction of online real-time monitoring of selected Schedule 8 drugs. Online real-time monitoring will provide prescribers with a comprehensive overview of all Schedule 8 opioid medicines a given patient is taking. This is likely to identify a large number of individuals who have developed iatrogenic opioid dependence and other related problems and the workshop will identify approaches for dealing with these issues.

In conducting this workshop, NCETA will provide ongoing leadership and support to South Australian key stakeholders on these issues and ensure that the state is appropriately prepared for future challenges in this area.