Professional Development Workshops for Hospital-based Staff

June 2016

NCETA has been providing a series of professional development workshops to staff at one of Adelaide’s largest acute care teaching hospitals, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The aim of the workshops is provide medical, nursing and allied health staff with information about:

  • Drug use in the community including trends and patterns of use
  • Responding to drug-induced psychosis
  • The interaction between intimate partner violence and AOD use.

The latter workshop is an all day training session designed to increase participants‘ knowledge about the relationship between family and domestic violence and alcohol and other drug use/misuse. Topics in the workshop include discussing current practices, types of presentations, clinical indicators, screening, responding to disclosures, and engaging with perpertrators.

Contact us if you would like more information about how our Family and Domestic Violence Workshops may help your service respond appropriately to this important client-centred issue.