Presenting NCETA’s workplace AOD testing research to health and safety professionals

June 2019

In May 2019, NCETA’s Dr Valerie O’Keeffe presented information from the Centre’s comprehensive examination on the efficacy of workplace drug testing to attendees at the Safety Institute of Australia’s Annual Health and Safety Convention.

Over 300 health and safety professionals attended the 3-day Convention in Sydney. The Convention provides a platform for health and safety professionals to share insights and ideas about improving health, safety and wellbeing at work.

Dr O’Keeffe’s presentation focused on:

  • The impact of AOD use on workplace safety and productivity and worker health and wellbeing
  • The contributory factors in workplace AOD use
  • Workplace AOD testing purpose, programs and processes including an overview of NCETA’s research findings on the effectiveness of AOD workplace testing
  • Practical guidance to support workplaces develop and implement comprehensive strategies to address AOD-related issues including:
    • How to develop and implement formal workplace policies
    • Providing education and training to workers, supervisors and managers
    • Where to get information on referral, support and treatment for workers experiencing AOD-related problems.

Dr O’Keeffe’s presentation was extremely well received and generated ongoing interest in NCETA’s AOD workplace research program.