New Drug Testing Resources Now Available

December 2017

Ongoing interest in drug testing, and in particular, workplace drug testing prompted NCETA to undertake a review of the current literature. This review builds on a previous systematic review of the efficacy of drug testing that the Centre conducted in 2011. The findings from the earlier review are available for download from the NCETA website. They were also published in 2014 in Accident Analysis and Prevention and that paper can be accessed here.

As a result of its recent review, NCETA has produced three unique information resources designed to provide the AOD sector and other key stakeholders with evidence-based and user-friendly information about drug testing technologies, their effectiveness and examples of good practice principles and guidelines.

Specifically, the resources addressed:

  • The rationale for, utility and effectiveness of drug testing (particularly in relation to detecting and deterring use and improving safety).
  • The advantages and disadvantages of various drug testing technologies such as urinalysis, oral fluid/saliva and hair analysis.
  • Good practice in drug testing including brief guidelines for conducting workplace drug testing.

The resources are available for download from NCETA’s website or orders for free hard copies can be placed by emailing: