NDRI Adjuncts receive national recognition

June 2016

Two adjunct staff from the National Drug Research Institute have received national recognition in the Australian Medical Association’s annual awards.

Associate Professor Diana Egerton-Warburton received the 2016 AMA Woman in Medicine Award in recognition of her exceptional contribution to the development of emergency medicine and her passion for public health.

Associate Professor John Boffa shared the 2016 Excellence in Healthcare Award with Donna Ah Chee. The pair, from Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, have made an enormous contribution to reducing harms from alcohol and improving early childhood outcomes for Aboriginal children.

The award recognises ongoing commitment to quality health and medical care, policy and research, and is awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to improving health or healthcare in Australia. 

AMA President Professor Brian Owler said that Associate Professor Boffa and Ms Ah Chee had made a significant contribution to the health of Aboriginal people through their involvement with primary care, research, education and public health.

Associate Professor Boffa has worked in Aboriginal primary care services for more than 25 years and is the Chief Medical Officer of Public Health at the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress. Ms Ah Chee is Congress CEO.

“This award recognises and acknowledges Professor Boffa and Ms Ah Chee’s unwavering efforts to achieve the best possible health outcomes for Aboriginal people,” Professor Owler said.

“For almost two decades, they have formed a crucial partnership, working together to implement core services and reform Aboriginal primary health care in the Northern Territory.”

The Woman in Medicine Award is presented to a woman who has made a major contribution to the medical profession by showing ongoing commitment to quality care, or through contribution to medical research, public health projects or improving the availability and accessibility of medical education and medical training for women.

“Associate Professor Egerton-Warburton is a renowned advocate for patients, the community and emergency medicine,” Professor Owler said.

“Her passion and commitment to emergency medicine research and her public health goals are reflected in her wide ranging contributions to health awareness, health policy and healthcare delivery.

“Associate Professor Egerton-Warburton’s tireless work striving for high standards in emergency departments for patients and her unrelenting passion to improve public health in Australia make her a deserving winner of the AMA Woman in Medicine Award.”