NDARC Symposium features Obama adviser & practical workshops

July 2014

Keith Humphreys, Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University and former senior policy adviser to the White House will address the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre’s (NDARC) Annual Symposium, Critical Issues and NewDirections, on 8 September 2014. Professor Humphreys will look at the challenges developed countries face in providing treatment services in sufficient quantity and quality to meet demand. Even when sufficient resources are deployed, the rush to find a “miracle cure” may mean that services provided are not of sufficient quality and not supported by robust evidence on what treatment works.

In  response to feedback, NDARC has revamped this year’s Symposium. A choice of four breakout sessions and workshops on cannabis treatment; web based interventions; social interventions for at risk groups and the cost/benefit of opioid substitution treatment measured by lives saved will be offered to participants. 

Other highlights include:

  • Forum on alcohol and violence: Superintendent Pat Paroz, NSW Police; Ralph Kelly, Thomas Kelly Foundation; Professor Don Weatherburn; Professor Steve Allsop
  • Results from some of NDARC’s landmark trials: Australian Treatment Outcome Study (11 year follow-up of heroin users); prescription opioid cohort study (POINT); parental supply of alcohol; and targeted prevention for at-risk teens (CAP) 

To register and to view full details of the program, speakers and costs visit the NDARC website