NCETA Support to Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter, New Zealand

September 2016

NCETA Support to Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter, New Zealand

In recognition of NCETA’s longstanding national and international reputation in addressing workplace AOD issues, Professor Ann Roche was invited by the Manager of WorkSafe New Zealand’s Canterbury Rebuild Programme to be a keynote speaker and to run interactive workshops at the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter’s June 2016 Event.

The Event saw the launch of the revised Safety Charter and was attended by more than 300 industry, government and union representatives involved in rebuilding Canterbury following the devastating earthquakes in 2010.

The focus of Ann’s presentation was on identifying the risks and harms and implementing effective strategies to address AOD use in the workplace and particularly the construction industry. Ann’s presentation drew upon NCETA’s comprehensive research program on addressing AOD use in the workplace which acknowledges that effective responses often take time, commitment, and a willingness to change. It addressed some of the pre-conceived notions that it is not relevant what people do in their spare time but rather the focus should be on their capability to work safely and without impairment when they are in the workplace.

 Key take home messages for participants included:

 The majority of AOD-associated risk in the workplace is due to alcohol and not illicit drugs

  • Tailored responses are more effective in addressing identified risk and workplace conditions;
  • A whole of workplace approach is needed that focuses on having a formal and integrated AOD workplace policy, supervisor training and employee awareness.

 The presentation also highlighted the findings from NCETA’s research which indicates that workplace drug testing on its own is not the answer to addressing AOD-related issues in the workplace.


The presentation is available online and can be viewed here.