NCETA contributes to highly successful NIDAC 2016

October 2016

NCETA made significant contributions to the success of the 4th National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference 2016. The conference was held in Glenelg, South Australia from Tuesday 11 October to Friday 14 October. NCETA’s contributions included:

  1. An interactive 2 hour workshop for approximately 100 attendees on practical strategies for workers to assist them manage clients using crystal methamphetamine. The workshop explored the following strategies:
      • Communicating effectively
      • Staying safe - Preventing and managing critical incidents
      • Examples of harm reduction strategies
      • Service reorientation and tailoring environments
      • Working with / supporting families
      • Workplace and worker support

    NCETA’s workshop formed part of the Pre-Conference Workshop on Tuesday 11 October and NCETA staff members also participated in the Q & A panel session at the end of the workshop.

  2. Professor Ann Roche and Allan Trifonoff showcased NCETA’s immensely popular online Ice: Training for Frontline Workers as part of a conference presentation. The presentation showcased the online training as the most comprehensive training resource available on crystal methamphetamine. The presentation also highlighted that the training reinforces workers’ existing knowledge and skills in responding to crystal methamphetamine-related issues and treatment that works.
  3. NCETA staff chaired concurrent/break-out sessions on Days 1 and 2 of the Conference.
  4. Professor Ann Roche was a member of a Panel Session on the final day of the Conference which looked at a range of AOD interventions required to close the gap. The issues examined by the panel included funding, concerns affecting young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their communities, better integration of AOD and Primary Health Care services and the need to explore justice reinvestment strategies.