Methamphetamine NADK FAQs

February 2016

The AOD sector, as well as health and human services sectors in general, have been especially keen to learn more about crystal methamphetamine. Various strategies have been implemented and resources developed to assist the workforce. One such recent resource from NCETA is the Methamphetamine Section of the National Alcohol and Drug Knowledgebase (NADK) which was launched in January 2016. Its timely release will help health and community service practitioners, law enforcement, and the public make sense of the current media spotlight on methamphetamine (particularly crystal methamphetamine (Ice)) use, harms, and treatment. 

The Methamphetamine Section of NADK includes 80 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on:

  • General Methamphetamine Information
  • Australians' Attitudes Towards Methamphetamine
  • Use Patterns
  • Methamphetamine and Employment
  • Methamphetamine and Health
  • Methamphetamine and Crime
  • Treatment
  • Methamphetamine and Young People
  • Crystal Methamphetamine (ice). 

Presenting this wealth of information in easy to use FAQ formats will make current accurate information readily available to all who need it. 

View the NADK here.