Indonesian delegation visits NDARC for lessons in harm reduction

October 2018

A delegation from the Republic of Indonesia National Narcotics Board (BNN) visited the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) in August as part of a study tour aimed at broadening the group’s understanding of how to address drug issues in an evidence informed manner. The visit was facilitated by NDARC’s Professor Kate Dolan and the President of Harm Reduction Australia (HRA), Gino Vumbaca.

NDARC Centre Manager, Dr Lise Mellor gave a welcome address on behalf of the Centre and the following staff presented to the group:

  • Professor Dolan - The global prevalence of infectious diseases in prison
  • Mr Aaron Chang - A Randomised controlled trial to prevent relapse in people leaving a smoke-free prison (the SNAP study)
  • Dr Caitlin Hughes - Drug policy: the role of drug laws and the criminal justice system 

“We were delighted that senior representatives of government and treatment services from Indonesia came to visit NDARC,” said Professor Dolan.

“What was notable was that research really is able to influence people’s personal views and wider policy. 

“For example, one participant who is a police officer thought that all drug users should be locked up prior to the visit. He told me he has since changed his view as a result of the study tour.”

Read more on the NDARC website.