Ice: Frontline Worker Online Training Expanded

September 2016

Following the successful launch of its Ice: Training for Frontline Workers, in January 2016, NCETA is pleased to announce that Module 7 – Organisational Responses is now available.

While each module in the online training is designed to be independent they nevertheless complement each other. The first six modules addressed the knowledge and skills needed by frontline workers. Module 7 focuses on measures that organisations can take to enhance services, including system redesign and support workers to respond to people using crystal methamphetamine.

Module 7 contains the following five Topics

7.1  Systems redesign – addresses ways organisations can be redesigned to enhance responses to people using crystal methamphetamine

7.2  Organisational change – examines ways organisations can implement change

7.3  Workforce development (WFD) – examines WFD approaches to enhance the service provision capacities of workers, teams and organisations

7.4  Stress, compassion fatigue and burnout – addresses these risks and related organisational responsibilities and responses

7.5  Workplace and worker support – examines organisational support for workers.


The free online training, developed as part of the Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan continues to capture the attention of the alcohol and other drug, mental health and broader health, welfare, education and law enforcement sectors.  More than 6,500 people from across Australia have registered for the training since its launch. The following graph is a breakdown of the number of participants by state and territory.


People accessing the online training are able to work through all 7 modules (containing a total of 28 Topics) or any of the individual topics. This is what some of the people who have registered for the training are saying:

I have just completed the training package which I thought was extremely informative.

Awesome course and information. I have recommended it to many people in our organisation.

I currently work in a rural community and found the online training to be extremely helpful. It is refreshing to see workers having access to this type of online training.