Enhancing the capacity of social workers to respond to AOD-related Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

June 2019

As part of its ongoing contribution over the past few years to the South Australian Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s clinical medical, nursing and allied health education program, NCETA recently conducted a highly successful one-day workshop for social workers on IPV and AOD.

Participants were provided with information and resources on:

  • Patterns and prevalence of IPV
  • Common health effects of IPV
  • The association between IPV and AOD use
  • Strategies for:
    • Asking questions about IPV and AOD and managing disclosure
    • Screening and assessment
    • Safety planning for clients / patients
    • Enhancing staff safety, collaboration with other services (e.g. AOD and domestic violence services) and information sharing.

Workshop attendees were also provided with a workshop handbook developed by NCETA and were encouraged to share the workbook with their colleagues. In addition, they were given copies of NCETA’s co-produced and highly successful resource: Can I Ask?...An alcohol and other drug clinician’s guide to addressing family and domestic violence.

Feedback from the participants highlighted the ongoing importance and relevance of this annual workshop to them and their colleagues. Examples of some of the feedback included:

Very informative and extremely well organised workshop.

The workshop effectively highlighted the relationship between IPV and AOD and validated the importance of asking, listening and providing safe spaces for people experiencing IPV.

The workshop exceeded my expectations and enabled me to reflect on my daily work practices and to share information and strategies with other workers.

Highly recommend this workshop and will be sharing my learnings with my colleagues.