Continuing to build workforce capacity to respond to crystal methamphetamine

October 2016

Recognising the importance of workforce development and the need for evidence-based information to support practice, NCETA staff continue to build the capacity of the AOD, mental health, broader health, and welfare and law enforcement sectors to deal with the myriad of issues associated with people who are using crystal methamphetamine. Examples include:

Ice: Online Training for Frontline Workers

NCETA’s highly successful online Ice: Training for Frontline Workers continues to generate considerable interest among workers and their organisations. Approximately 7,500 people from across Australia have enrolled in the training since its launch in January 2016 and more than 1,000 people have registered since the release of Module 7 – Organisational Responses in late August.

NCETA has received further requests from organisations wanting to incorporate the online training into their existing professional development programs. NCETA staff are also being asked to conduct face-to-face training workshops, using the online training as a basis.

Interactive Face-to-Face Workshop for Aboriginal Families SA Workers

NCETA staff recently conducted an interactive workshop on strategies for working with people affected by crystal methamphetamine. Approximately 50 Aboriginal child protection and family welfare staff employed by Families SA attended the workshop which focused on:

  • Key issues affecting Aboriginal peoples, workers and communities in metropolitan and rural and remote areas who have to deal with people using crystal methamphetamine
  • The effects of crystal methamphetamine on the user, their family, and other support networks
  • Practical and effective communication strategies that workers can use

Workshop attendees were provided with information about and access to NCETA’s online Ice: Training for Frontline Workers.

None of the participants had previously worked in the AOD field and many reported that the workshop provided them with an opportunity to share their stories, to learn more about crystal methamphetamine and its effects and to be provided with practical strategies that they can apply in their day-to-day work.