Continuing to assist the Primary Health Networks identify patterns of use and service needs and utilisation

October 2018

Following on from its comprehensive data analyses for the Adelaide and Country SA Primary Health Networks (PHN) of the indicators of problematic patterns of AOD use and treatment seeking behaviour, NCETA was invited to present its findings to a workshop of the Adelaide PHN’s newly established AOD Special Interest Areas (SIA) group. The workshop held in Adelaide on 7 August 2018 was attended by more than 30 members of the SIA which comprises stakeholders from various South Australian AOD treatment service providers.

Participants were provided with a snapshot by Professor Ann Roche of the three reports prepared by NCETA for the Adelaide and Country SA PHNs. This included:

  • A summary of the patterns and prevalence of risky drinking, and cannabis, methamphetamine and prescribed opioid use
  • An outline Treatment service utilisation
  • A snapshot of at-risk groups and the main drugs of concern
  • An overview of the implications of the findings from the data analyses for policy and practice.

Following Professor Roche’s presentation, workshop attendees were provided with an opportunity to look at the findings further and to ascertain how the members of the AOD SIA could use those findings to identify research, partnership and collaboration opportunities over the next 12 months.

Representatives from the Adelaide PHN also informed workshop participants that they have used the findings from NCETA’s findings to redefine their priorities to ensure that the identified needs of local communities are being addressed more effectively.