Cannabis makes the grade

April 2015

NCETA has developed a new VET AOD training resource entitled Cannabis Makes the Grade: A resource to support the development of a ‘cannabis competent’ workforce in the AOD sector. This resource provides guidance to VET practitioners, from frontline trainers and course coordinators through to RTO managers on where and how to incorporate cannabis-related content into AOD training. It uses units of competencies from AOD qualifications in the Community Services Training Package as a mechanism to organise cannabis training content and assessment activities. Three Units of Competency from the AOD qualifications in the Community Services Training Package are provided as a guide to the ways in which cannabis content can be folded into teaching programs. The resource is accompanied by a set of PowerPoint slides for VET practitioners to use when incorporating cannabis content into their teaching program. The resource and accompanying PowerPoint slides have been disseminated to the members of the CoP and Network of VET AOD trainers and posted on the NCETA and NCPIC websites.

For further information see Publication Highlight in this issue.