4th International Wellbeing at Work Conference

September 2016

Professor Ann Roche was one of the international speakers at the Wellbeing at Work Conference held in Amsterdam in late May to early June 2016. The conference theme was about combining knowledge to support the wellbeing of workers in a changing world of work.

Ann’s presentation highlighted the findings from NCETA’s innovative Workplace Reduction of Alcohol Program (WRAHP), a three year VicHealth funded study which was part of the Creating Health Workplaces Program. The study was conducted in partnership with LeeJenn Health Consultants and the South Eastern Business Network.

The presentation focused on the effectiveness of a unique workplace intervention to reduce alcohol-related harm in the manufacturing industry using a cultural model of work-related alcohol use. It emphasized the importance of ‘whole of workplace’ interventions tailored to address identified risk factors specific to individual workplaces. Such interventions can have short- and long-term benefits for individual workers, workplace safety and productivity, and the wider community.